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The 14-Day Basic Obedience Challenge is a self-guided, virtual program done at your pace in your home environment that will enable you to connect with your dog in a whole new way. 

In this program, we're committed to teaching you how to understand your dog’s innate behaviors so that you know WHY your dog acts in a certain way and HOW to effectively respond to your dog's actions with training techniques that simply work.


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(and growing by 10-20 new dog lovers daily)

What You Will Learn:

  • How to get your dog to reliably follow these commands: heel, sit, down, stay, place, come, and off. 
  • ​WHY your dog is acting the way he is and WHAT to do about simple terms. 
  • ​How to use lots of love, praise, and treats along with corrections when necessary. 
  • ​How simple equipment and tools will help you obtain consistent results.  

What You Get: 

  • Step-by-step videos anyone can follow. Over 40 videos to choose from-- focus on the areas your dog needs support!  
  • ​A private Facebook community-- you will be able to ask questions, and get support and guidance along the way. We call it the “Taming the Wild Family” for a reason! 
  • ​Lifetime access to the program-- return to these resources time and time again. 

“Everyone and anyone that is interested in getting the dog they deserve needs to sign up with Taming the Wild." 
~ H. Collens


In addition to the guidance and support from the Taming the Wild team, you will also get access to: 

  • Incredible learning resources to enhance the learning process for you. 
  • A supportive, dedicated, international Facebook group where 2,000+ Taming the Wild dog owners will celebrate and cheer you on as you experience improvement after improvement! 
  • Lifetime access to the challenge material.
  • Training that will help you create the life you imagined with your dog and stop the unwanted behavior.
The 14-Day Obedience Challenge will teach you to train your dog in a way dogs understand. 

These techniques have worked for us for over four decades and they will work for you too. Plain and simple.

Just Imagine...

  • Your dog who stays until your company is seated….no more jumping up.
  • ​A dog who walks comfortably on a leash...without pulling your arm out of its socket. 
  • ​A dog who, when you give a command, listens every time. 
  • ​A dog who is the ultimate family companion.

Join The 14-Day Basic Obedience Challenge Today!

And Have A Dog You Enjoy In Only 14 Days

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ADD THE PUPPY CHALLENGE: Is your dog under the age of 16 weeks? Housebreaking, whining, using your kids or your pants leg as a chew toy… It’s enough to give you the puppy blues! Do you ever feel like your puppy just isn’t “getting it?” (There’s a reason for that!) Did you know that young puppies require very different training than older dogs? Puppies under the age of 16 weeks are more "wolf-like" than they will ever be and their behaviors are governed by instincts from their wolf heritage. With the Taming the Wild - Start Right! End Right! Puppy Training Challenge you will learn how to help your puppy adapt to the world of humans. You will also get the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure you and your puppy are on the path to a happy relationship together. This incredible puppy challenge is only a single payment of $27. Don’t miss this critical learning opportunity in your puppy’s life. It never comes around again!

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FAQs About The 14-Day Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions You Might Have....

  Will the program work for all sizes and breeds of dogs?


 Is this program for puppies or housebreaking?

The 14-Day Challenge is designed for dogs over 16 weeks. If you have a puppy or a dog who needs housebreaking support, we’d recommend that you add The $27 Puppy Challenge to your order when you register! 

 Will this work for a stubborn, older dog?


 What is your refund policy?

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. Assuming you haven’t downloaded the ebooks and other resources, we will refund your money no questions asked. That being said, if you have downloaded the materials, you are no longer eligible for a refund. We put a lot of time into these resources and this is only fair! 

 What is the methodology behind the training? Is it all positive? What about treat based?

We are balanced trainers meaning we use lots of love, praise and treats along with corrections when necessary. The combination of these approaches produces a well-trained dog (especially for spirited dogs!) Additionally, if you have a dog who isn’t motivated by treats, don't worry, you can do this challenge with simple equipment you probably already own. 

 What equipment is needed?

 The basics! A simple nylon slip collar, 4 foot leather leash, and tasty treats your dog loves.  

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