It Sounds Like You're Ready...

You've Got The Basics Down... Now It's Time To Level-Up


Running OFF-LEASH in a dog park, a public park, a national park

Walking calmly beside you with NO LEASH

Traveling with you as a welcome guest in hotels and restaurants

Joining you at ball games and family events

The Taming the Wild Advanced Challenge 
Makes All Of This Possible For You And Your Dog 
by teaching you how to effectively use Remote Training Collars!


Take a Sneak Peak at just a few of the things you will learn...

UNIT 1, We will introduce you to the Remote Training Collar and explain how it is the most misunderstood piece of training equipment sold today. We will methodically educate you on its use so you will feel completely confident before you ever put it on your dog. 

UNIT 4, You will learn how to safely and effectively train your dog to HEEL (OFF-LEASH!) with three simple steps covered in the Unit 4 video tutorials.

​UNIT 7, You will learn how to SEND your dog to PLACE from anywhere in your house after watching the three videos contained in Unit 7.

​UNIT 11, Tired of nuisance barking? You will enjoy the blessed sound of silence (when you want it!) after implementing what you are taught in Unit 11.



One of a dog owner's greatest pleasures is watching their dog run like the wind. 
You can enjoy that too! 
What’s included:

  • 12 units of step-by-step tutorials neatly packaged in a membership area
  • Over 40 training tutorials
  • ​Exclusive Facebook group access to Taming​ the Wild training professionals
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all the content in the challenge

Join thousands of other dog owners who have transformed their life with their dog

Taming the Wild is the ONLY dog training program in the US 
with over 600 FIVE STAR REVIEWS!

Meet the Expert

Meet Bryan Bailey, Your Guide For The Taming the Wild Advanced Obedience Challenge.

  • One of the world's leading animal behaviorists whose advice and services are sought by veterinarians, psychologists, celebrities, and dog lovers worldwide 
  • Nationally-recognized, best-selling author 
  • CBCC-KA certified Master Trainer with over 40 years of experience  
  • Dog aggression expert who advises people worldwide on the causes of dog aggression and how they can prevent from becoming a victim of it
  • Followed by over 120,000 dog lovers on social media.

Why Do We Use A Remote Training Collar For Advanced Obedience?

Quite simply, the remote collar will allow you to touch your dog at a distance, but there is so much more than that.The remote training collar enhances all trained behaviors by creating a stereotyped signal across the spectrum of all handlers. After all, the collar doesn't care whose finger presses the stimulus button. The input your dog receives is the same from everyone who gives a command. This effectively compensates for any power disparities or any inadequacies in handler skills within the family. 

The remote training collar has over 100 levels of stimulation, allowing you to fine tune the signal given to your dog. Have a sensitive dog? Turn the stimulation to the lowest levels (like a whisper in your dog's ear). Have a knucklehead? Turn the stimulation up until you get the response you require (like a firm tap on the shoulder!). The haptic signal your dog receives that creates incredible reliability is lower than what most people feel when they receive a text or call when their cell phone is in the silent mode! Remote collars are so effective, Kira and I wouldn't think of owning a dog without one. They are that impactful. Best of all, your dog does not have to wear it all the time, especially after your dog reaches a high level of performance.

How Do You Get Your Remote Collar?

You are welcome to purchase the Advanced Challenge alone and use a remote collar you already own. Or, you can purchase your remote collar from us, and we will ship it directly to your door. You will receive more information about purchasing your collar in the welcome email and in the membership area itself. 

The remote collars we sell are the same ones that we use for training all advanced dogs at Taming the Wild. While we have different collars for different size dogs, they are all rechargeable, waterproof, and have 100+ levels of stimulation. 

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Success Stories

My dog, Buck, completed Advanced Training and has been a joy to have in and out of the house since. I couldn't advocate for these trainers more. Best investment I've ever put into a dog. 
~ Shawn Rowland
We have had a great experience with Taming the Wild and are very happy with the training our 1 & 2 year old boys have received. After training they are much easier to handle on leash and listen to all commands given nicely. The whole staff is wonderful and so knowledgeable. We had tried a few positive reinforcement training classes in the past but they never really stuck. The balanced training techniques used at Taming the Wild are so much more effective. Dog training is us guardians/handlers learning equally as much, if not more, as the dogs and Taming the Wild has done a great job educating, encouraging, and setting all of us up for success.
~ Amaris Mejias
Excellent training for my dog. He's much better behaved. Would absolutely recommend.
~John Tyler
We highly recommend Taming the Wild. Their techniques are very effective and make sense. Our dog Hazel has been very responsive to the commands and no longer pulls constantly on walks. Also, the staff at Training the Wild is top notch, respectful and always available for assistance. We can’t say enough good things about them and their program!
~ Chris Wood
Absolutely the most scientific, common sense information out there. The folks here love what they do and love your dog! The tutorials and assignments are SO helpful and interesting.
~ Gayna Traverse
I love this company, Taming The Wild , everyone, always are willing to help in any way they can . The videos are clear, easy to understand, they have so much information in them , that I keep going back to watch them again and again. You get extra lessons or videos too. I love that I will have the videos forever. I have shared things I learned with friends too. The videos are very detailed and they genuinely want to help you. If you want to help your dog Taming The Wild is really a great place to check out.
~ Donna  Burns
Loved the Taming the Wild instructions and videos. I recently got a border collie puppy. I am retired and wanted her as a companion dog. We went through the Taming the Wild training program and it was great. Made me understand more about how dogs think and loved the challenge. Thank you for your help. I recommend this training program for anyone who is interested in making your next dog a obedient loving and fun part of your family. Thank you everyone at Taming the Wild.
~ Donna Curtis
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