A dog can be trained at any age, but the IDEAL time to teach them is between 8 and 15 weeks. 

Why Is Puppy Training So Important?

Puppies under the age of sixteen weeks are more "wolf-like" than they will ever be and their behaviors are governed by instincts from their wolf heritage. At this age, when most pups are separated from their birth packs, it is important to make the crucial adjustment to living with and answering to humans. 

Knowing how to blend obedience training that creates acceptable behaviors in the human realm with the natural instinctive responses of your young dog is crucial for the formal training to come. 

With the Taming the Wild - Start Right! End Right! Puppy Training Challenge, we will help guide you through the critical first few months of your dog's life, teaching you the necessary knowledge and skills to help your puppy relationship start on the right path.  

Start today and don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to work with your new puppy in a positive way with positive results! 


  • 5 days of guided training tutorials...
  • ​"The 5 Things You Must Know Before Training Your Dog" eBook...
  • ​Exclusive Facebook group with access to the Taming the Wild training professionals...
  • ​LIFETIME ACCESS to all the content in the challenge...


  • Starting today, you will receive NEW Lessons Every Day for 5 Days showing you exactly how the professionals at Taming the Wild work with puppies during this critical time of brain development. The lessons are yours to keep and you'll be able to refer back to them whenever you want. If you miss a lesson or are too busy to get to it that day, they conveniently remain in your membership area.
  • ​You will be granted access to our exclusive Facebook community where you can join motivated dog owners to network, brainstorm, and support each other with additional teaching...


  • UPON SIGN UP, You'll learn what equipment is essential for training puppies (it's not the same equipment we use for older dogs)...
  • ​DAY 1, You'll learn exactly what we think about "potty bells," how often you should be taking your puppy outside, and the most common mistakes people make that result in housebreaking havoc... 
  • ​DAY 2, You'll learn what we mean by "luring" and how we use luring to introduce commands...
  • ​DAY 3, You'll learn how to ensure you are on the right track for a reliable "golden command" (that's COME!)...
  • ​DAY 4, You'll learn how to safely introduce your puppy to unfamiliar humans...
  • ​DAY 5, You'll learn how to teach your puppy his manners around unfamiliar dogs and how he should interact with new friends...

And, on top of all the amazing lessons you receive, you will have the opportunity for personal guidance from the world renowned training professionals at Taming the Wild! 


Puppyhood is the period of imprinting and they don't stay puppies for long. What they learn now, they never forget. 
Make sure it's what you want them to learn!  Enjoy your time with your puppy and start shaping their future today.
What’s included:

  • 6 units of step-by-step tutorials neatly packaged in a membership area
  • Over 30 training tutorials
  • ​Exclusive Facebook group access to Taming​ the Wild training professionals
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all the content in the challenge

Meet the Expert

Meet Bryan Bailey, Your Guide For The Taming the Wild Virtual Training Programs.

  • One of the world's leading animal behaviorists whose advice and services are sought by veterinarians, psychologists, celebrities, and dog lovers worldwide 
  • Nationally-recognized, best-selling author 
  • CBCC-KA certified Master Trainer with over 40 years of experience  
  • Dog aggression expert who advises people worldwide on the causes of dog aggression and how they can prevent from becoming a victim of it
  • Followed by over 120,000 dog lovers on social media.

A Great Life is Within Reach. 
Join thousands of other puppy owners who are 
taking control and shaping the future of their puppy.

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Success Stories

I absolutely LOVE this program! You guys did an awesome job with it. SO grateful for Taming the Wild! 
~ R. Albert
I cannot say enough positive things about Taming the Wild. The experience was TOP NOTCH - excellent customer service and follow-through. 
~ Cammie Derrick
Taming The Wild (Bryan Bailey) is one of very, very few Dog Training Experts who is very well versed in the rules of nature. 

We recently adopted a young 12week old Golden Retriever puppy. Being retirees in Sydney, Australia, and having very little knowledge of how the “ puppy/dog world” works, we wanted to take advice from not just any so-called expert dog trainers but someone we felt had credible and long-standing experience in dog behavior.

We were lucky to come across Taming The Wild. Geographically we could not fly or be in the US to hear and learn firsthand; however, Bryan’s videos, tutorials, reading materials, and support via FB whenever we have any questions made it so worth it. The puppy program has been such a good head start for our Scooby. He is so well-behaved for a puppy his age; our friends and family are so impressed! He knows how to do the basic commands like “sit, come, stay, and heel.”

We cannot recommend Taming the Wild highly enough for your much-loved pet.
~ Carvanna Farm

Working virtually with Taming the Wild has been LIFE-CHANGING for our family, and our whole experience has been TOP NOTCH. 
I can't thank Taming the Wild enough for all they have done to make our home a more peaceful and dog-friendly place to live!
~ Aliana Stewart
Absolutely the most scientific, common sense information out there. The folks here love what they do and love your dog! The tutorials and assignments are SO helpful and interesting.
~ Gayna Traverse
I love this company, Taming The Wild , everyone, always are willing to help in any way they can . The videos are clear, easy to understand, they have so much information in them , that I keep going back to watch them again and again. You get extra lessons or videos too. I love that I will have the videos forever. I have shared things I learned with friends too. The videos are very detailed and they genuinely want to help you. If you want to help your dog Taming The Wild is really a great place to check out.
~ Donna  Burns
Loved the Taming the Wild instructions and videos. I recently got a border collie puppy. I am retired and wanted her as a companion dog. We went through the Taming the Wild training program and it was great. Made me understand more about how dogs think and loved the challenge. Thank you for your help. I recommend this training program for anyone who is interested in making your next dog a obedient loving and fun part of your family. Thank you everyone at Taming the Wild.
~ Donna Curtis
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