"Everything I do is designed to provide sustainable 
transformation for dogs and their owners."
Bryan Bailey

Do you have a special obedience problem?

  • ​Does your dog drag you down the sidewalk on walks? 
  • ​Does your dog jump all over you, your family, and your friends?
  • ​Does your dog bark to get your attention and won't stop?
  • Does your dog bolt out every open door to play a game of CHASE in the neighborhood?
  • ​Does your dog refuse to come when called?
  • ​Does it seem that no matter how hard you try to train your dog, NOTHING works?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, schedule your virtual, private obedience lesson with Bryan. Bryan will help you understand the nature of your dog first. Then you will be able to correct the undesirable behaviors much faster and easier. 

Meet Bryan Bailey...

Bryan is a nationally-recognized, award-winning author, dog aggression expert, and canine pharmacotherapy behaviorist. He is one of only 300 CBCC - KA certified behavior consultants worldwide and has over 40 years of education and experience. Bryan's advice and services are sought by veterinarians, psychologists, celebrities, and dog lovers worldwide. His live videos are followed by over 120,000 dog lovers on social media.  

Not only is Bryan a nationally renowned dog obedience trainer, but he is a master at understanding what gives cause to maladaptive conditions in dogs and how to blend modern medicine with behavior modification to rehabilitate fearful and aggressive dogs. 

Raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Bryan has spent years studying the natural mechanisms that govern the many uses of aggression by wolves and how those same intrinsic mechanisms continue to influence the behavior of modern dogs and why they attack humans. Utilizing what he has learned, Bryan educates thousands of dog owners each year on the causes of dog aggression and how they can prevent from becoming a victim of it. By doing so, he has been credited with saving hundreds of lives.

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There are 4 steps you will follow when you schedule a private training lesson with Bryan.

Private Lessons with Bryan are $200. We do not offer refunds for private lessons. However, we will gladly offer the ability to reschedule if you need to change your appointment day and time and have given 24 hours advance notification.

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