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14-Day Self-Guided Obedience Adventure Challenge


3,155 Dog Lovers 

(and growing by 10-20 new dog lovers daily)


3,155 Dog Lovers 

(and growing by 10-20 new dog lovers daily)

Is life with your dog not what you imagined?

Is it hard to have friends and family visit because your dog is just out of control and will not listen? ( embarrassing…)

Do you dread coming home to what your dog may have done during the day that he/she should not have done? (...those were my favorite shoes!!!....)

Do you long for a quiet, peaceful night without barking, begging, and annoying behavior from your dog? (...yes please..)

And how about those walks with your dog...does your dog drag you down the street. ( arm hurts..…)

This is not what you imagined!! This is not the faithful companion you have hoped to have for you and your family!! 

When you look at your dog and realize...they are just not getting it! Even though you have tried training and done all things’s not working! What can you do? 

You have a few choices at this point...

OPTION 1: JUST LIVE WITH IT. You made it this far right...maybe this is as good as it gets?

OPTION 2: JOIN THE TTW CHALLENGE with thousands of other dog owners that know that the life they imagined with their dog IS POSSIBLE! 

In 14-Days You & Your Dog Could Go...

Join The 14-Day Self-Guided 
Obedience Challenge Now!


If 3,000+ people jumping in and getting amazing results doesn’t persuade you, here are some of our incredible challenge dog owners and what they want you to know:

My two puppies have become so well-behaved that even strangers who encounter them say, "Wow, they are really well-behaved to be so young!"

"Our relationship is so much better and my dog is so much happier..."

Taming the Wild is the ONLY dog training program in the US 
with over 600 FIVE STAR REVIEWS!!!

Now you can join thousands of other dog owners who have transformed their life with their dog

Join The 14-Day Self-Guided 
Obedience Challenge Now!


NEW Lessons Every Day for 14 Days showing you step-by-step exactly how the professionals at Taming the Wild get it done.


Exclusive Facebook group access to Taming​ the Wild training professionals and dog lovers worldwide who are going through the program together.


Realize your vision for the life you imagined with your dog. LIFETIME ACCESS to all the content in the challenge and opportunities to continue the adventure.

Join The 14-Day Self-Guided 
Obedience Challenge Now!

Meet Bryan Bailey

Bryan will guide you through each day of the challenge where you’ll receive...

  • A daily skills demonstration 
  • Education on the way your dog’s brain is wired so you know WHY your dog does what he/she does and how you can help him/her make a better choice. 
  • Troubleshooting you can do with your unique circumstances and your specific dog’s unwanted behavior

Bryan is...

One of the world's leading animal behaviorists whose advice and services are sought by veterinarians, psychologists, celebrities, and dog lovers worldwide. He is a nationally-recognized, best-selling author. 

Nationally certified Master Trainer with over 40 years of experience. A dog aggression expert who advises people worldwide on the causes of dog aggression and how they can prevent from becoming a victim of it. Bryan is followed by over 120,000 dog lovers on social media.

Featured in...

Meet Kira Bailey

Kira will guide you through your challenge experience where you will find... 

  • Personal support and guidance for your behavioral/training questions 
  • Passion for virtual learning and the opportunities to grow and develop at your pace in the comfort of your home
  • Friendly technical support for any issues you may experience throughout your training journey

Kira brings...

Unparalleled customer service and business savvy learned from years working in the service industry at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in New York City and Washington DC and Keswick Hall in Charlottesville, VA.  Added to this, when emotional dog owners contact Kira with concerns about unwanted behaviors, they are met with a soft, southern accent and someone who not only empathizes with them, but someone who is ready to guide them in the next steps to restoring safety and a higher quality of life for them and their dogs.

Meet the Taming the Wild Professional Trainers

The Taming the Wild professional trainers will be your day-to-day guides as you realize your training goals.

    Taming the Wild is not just a business that cares for and trains dogs. Instead, it’s a living, breathing entity whose members work for the common good of the many and not the one - like the wolf pack it represents. Each day, our pack’s focus isn’t merely on surviving, but rather, thriving in a highly competitive pet industry by always seeking to provide a level of service that is unobtainable at any other training facility.


In addition to the guidance and support from the Taming the Wild team, you will also get access to: 

  • Incredible learning resources to enhance the learning process for you. 
  • A supportive, dedicated, international Facebook group where 2,000+ Taming the Wild dog owners will celebrate and cheer you on as you experience improvement after improvement! 
  • Lifetime access to the challenge material.
  • Training that will help you create the life you imagined with your dog and stop the unwanted behavior.

Why Wait? Start Today!

Get real, lifetime results with your dog. Today is the day!

We’ve seen too many people come to us that let life with their dog get to the point of being just unbearable! 

We don’t want that to be you.

We look forward to having you join the Taming the Wild Challenge and seeing that life you imagined become a reality! 

Have the dog you want! The life you want! The home you want for you, your family, and your dog! 

Join The 14-Day Self-Guided 
Obedience Challenge Now!

Join The 14-Day Self-Guided 
Obedience Challenge Now!

And Have A Dog You Enjoy In Only 14 Days

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Do You Have A Puppy?

ADD THE PUPPY CHALLENGE: Is your dog under the age of 16 weeks? Housebreaking, whining, using your kids or your pants leg as a chew toy… It’s enough to give you the puppy blues! Do you ever feel like your puppy just isn’t “getting it?” (There’s a reason for that!) Did you know that young puppies require very different training than older dogs? Puppies under the age of 16 weeks are more "wolf-like" than they will ever be and their behaviors are governed by instincts from their wolf heritage. With the Taming the Wild - Start Right! End Right! Puppy Training Challenge you will learn how to help your puppy adapt to the world of humans. You will also get the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure you and your puppy are on the path to a happy relationship together. This incredible puppy challenge is only a single payment of $27. Don’t miss this critical learning opportunity in your puppy’s life. It never comes around again!

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More Challenge Dog Owner Success Stories

Before I took the Challenge, I felt defeated, hopeless, and overwhelmed with my beautiful 7 mth GSD X Malinios. Apri, got kicked out of doggie daycare, he was nipping, jumping, out of control. Talking him on walks was a disaster, pulling, jumping the full meal deal. Spent over $700 on private lessons, even a behaviorist! None of this helped and some made it worse. I was at my wits end. I failed my dog, myself & my family. Taking the Challenge has given me a better, enjoyable and fun life with Arpi. I'm a different person b/c of the guidance & tools TTW family gave me. I CAN DO THIS ON MY OWN!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me a second chance with my dog. You will never know how much you have helped me and for this I am forever grateful. If any of you make it to Canada on Vancouver Island , you will always have a place to stay and don't forget to bring your dogs!!!! Thank you once again. May you be blessed with happiness and have a great life. 
Thank you, thank you.....
~ Teri Karsen
Took the 14-day dog training challenge. I recommend this course to everybody. I am dog savvy and have always had "good dogs." However, I wanted great dogs and now I feel like I have the tools and support to make it happen. 
~ Kamichia Walls
In order to have the best quality of life for you and your dog, you should understand that 'obedience is not optional'. My 'little wolf', Kiss was a good dog before I completed the 14-Day Obedience Challenge; now I feel she is on her way to becoming a 'great' dog. Of course, training never ends, but with the knowledge gained from Taming the Wild, I am confident that I can train her. If you have an opportunity to do the 14-Day Challenge or train with Taming the Wild in general, I highly recommend it. 
~ Teri Hayslett
Can not say enough good things about the 14-Day Challenge.
~ Kimberly Smith
Thank you so much for sharing your depth of knowledge to help participants better understand and train our dogs. Incredible amount of info/resources/support offered to this online group. Lifetime availability is truly priceless. I’ll use the videos and tips over and over. ~ Lyn Horne
The videos were great. The lectures were excellent. I did not realize how much I missed when I did not attend a lecture. The background knowledge Bryan brings to training which combines his experience, educational, behavioral, and extensive understanding of a dogs ancestral genetic heritage and how that effects today is extraordinary.

Beyond Bryan however is his wife Kira, who is a wonderful partner. She’s like the glue that enables the online training to work. If you put the effort in, the time in, the investment in; you will develop a long lasting loyal relationship with your dog with a much greater depth of knowledge than you had before. 
~ Judy Sunderman
Just a few of the MANY great benefits of the Taming The Wild programs, is that they are always accessible, affordable, and there is TONS of content in online YouTube videos. I’m learning more every day! Happy Training!
~ Kandace Barnhart Patrick

FAQs About The 14-Day Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions You Might Have....

 What is the cost?

$97 for lifetime access

 Is it a recurring charge?

The 14-Day Challenge is a one-time fee of $97 for lifetime access. You have the option to join the Inner Circle, a small group of dedicated dog owners who want personalized attention from our team of professional trainers, for a recurring fee of $37/month.

 Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you have 14 days to decide if our program is for you. However, if you have downloaded any content, you forfeit your right to ask for a refund. 

 What is covered in the program?

We cover SO much more than just basic obedience in this program. In fact, our current challenge participants are finding that there is so much to learn that they are enjoying taking longer than 14 days to get through it. As far as behaviors go, we cover HEEL, SIT, DOWN, STAY, PLACE, COME WHEN CALLED, and OFF in step-by-step video tutorials. However, we also teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog. Because, after all, that is the essential first step, right? 

Additionally, when you join the challenge you are given access to THE MOST FABULOUS private Facebook group EVER! This group of dog lovers is so supportive and passionate. They absolutely want each other to succeed and it’s a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of. 

 Do you use correction collars?

Yes, our workhorse piece of equipment is a simple, nylon slip collar. 

 Do you use remote collars?

We do not use remote collars in the 14-Day Challenge. However, we do support the proper use of remote collars by educated dog owners. In fact, we have an Advanced Program that teaches step by step how to use remote collars effectively. However, it is only available to those who have graduated from the 14-Day Challenge.

 Does this help with reactive dogs?

The term ‘reactive’ can describe dogs that display quick, emotional responses to particular stimuli (such as a startle response when confronted by unfamiliar people and/or dogs). However, in most cases, it refers to dogs that continuously display anxious or fearful states not caused by a single stimulus but as the result of an accumulation of stressful experiences. While the latter may need the addition of psychopharmaceutical medications to help manage the dog’s condition, both types of ‘reactivity’ will need training that is capable of disrupting the dog’s rapid acceleration to a panic/reactive state when it encounters a provocative stimulus (again, unfamiliar person and/or dog).

All of the behaviors taught in the 14-Day Challenge can help prevent your dog from panicking or reacting aggressively. Still, we recommend that participants seeking control of their reactive dogs concentrate their focus on the commands, “quiet,” “switch,” “down,” and “come” (all taught in the 14-Day Challenge). These commands have proven best for hundreds of participants for disrupting their dogs’ panic/reactive reaction while at the same time establishing alternative responses that were safer and more manageable. 

 Does this training work with small dogs?

Yes, our methodology works for all shapes and sizes.

 Will this work for all breeds?


 Is this program for puppies?

The 14-Day Challenge is designed for dogs over 16 weeks. However, when you sign up, you have the option to add our Puppy Program that is designed for dogs younger than 16 weeks.

The feedback we are getting from participants is that the content is extensive and dense. Most people are enjoying taking more than 14 days to get through it. So, you can always get a head start on the reading and videos while you wait for your puppy to be age-appropriate! 

 Does this program cover puppy nipping/biting?

We don't cover nipping directly in the challenge. More obedience behaviors. But, Bryan has done multiple videos about puppy nipping. Check these out: and

 Does this program teach housebreaking?

We do not cover housebreaking in the 14-Day Challenge. However, When you sign up for the 14-Day Challenge you have the option of adding our puppy program. Housebreaking is covered in our puppy program. 

 How much extra is the Puppy Program?

The addition of the Puppy Program to the 14-Day Challenge is $27 making your total investment $124 for both Puppy ($27) and Basic ($97). We recommend dogs are older than 16 weeks to begin the 14-Day Basic Challenge. 

 What is the methodology behind the training?

We are balanced trainers, meaning we use lots of love, praise, and treats along with corrections when necessary to obtain reliable obedience and a dog with a high spirit! You can learn all about our methodology by watching some of Bryan’s Facebook live videos. He’s done over 365 of them. They are all on our YouTube channel.

 Is this training all positive?

We are balanced trainers, meaning we use lots of love, praise, and treats along with corrections when necessary to obtain reliable obedience and a dog with a high spirit! You can learn all about our methodology by watching some of Bryan’s Facebook live videos. He’s done over 365 of them. They are all on our YouTube channel.

 Is the training treat-based?

Not entirely. There are many dogs who are not motivated by treats. That lack of treat motivation can be an added challenge when training obedience. However, that's where good equipment comes into play! The very first lesson in the Challenge covers equipment. You don't need anything fancy and some challenge participants are just using whatever they already own. Our basic recommendations are a slip collar, a 4' leather leash, and tasty treats your dog can’t resist. When you get to the PLACE lesson, you will want to have a PLACE cot or mat to use. If you don't already have that equipment and would like to purchase it, we have links in your lessons for convenience. While we do use lots of treats, praise, and love in training, we also use corrections (when necessary) to create reliable behaviors and a dog with a high spirit!

 My dog is not food motivated. Will this program work for us?

Yes! Our training is not centered around treats so you will find success with us even with a dog who isn't food motivated. I would recommend including a ball, favorite toy, or a simple pet, and "Good boy!" 

 Can I train two dogs at the same time?

Absolutely! Because you have lifetime access to the content, you can decide if you want to complete the challenge with one dog then work on the second or work with both at the same time. 

Will this help with my dog chasing my cat?
 This will help in that you will be able to control whether or not he chases the cat. It will not make him "self-govern." So, I wouldn't leave him alone with the cat any time soon!

 Do you have subtitles?

Not yet, but we are working on it.

 Will this program work for an older dog who is stubborn?

Yes! Follow the lessons and you will make great progress! Also, the private Facebook group is amazing for social support. We have such a wonderful community of dog lovers! 

 My dog is a constant barker. Will this help?

Nuisance barking will make you want to poke your eyeballs out! As long as your dog isn’t maladaptive, then yes, this program will help. You will be taught how to use the QUIET command.

 Are these lessons done by eBook, video, or a combination?

The lessons are all video tutorials. However, there are supplemental materials in the form of ebooks

 Who is the instructor and what are their qualifications?

Bryan Bailey, along with our team of TTW professional trainers, is the course instructor. Bryan has various certifications from Pro-Train Institute as well as Cornell University. Aside from his formal training, he has over 4 decades of experience working with dogs and their owners. That experiential knowledge gained from over 40 years in the field is priceless. If you would like to know more about Bryan and his expertise, check out the 365 live videos he did last year to help dog owners enjoy the best possible life with their dogs. Here's a link:

 Are there subsequent programs beyond the 14-Day Challenge? 

Yes! Our Advanced Training Program is the logical next step beyond the 14-Day Challenge. In the Advanced Training Program, we teach how to train off-leash obedience through the proper use of remote training collars. The Advanced Training Program is by invitation only to those dedicated dog owners who have successfully completed the 14-Day Challenge. 

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