14-Day Virtual 
Obedience Challenge

We invite a dog into our lives to be our faithful companion, our running, walking, or hiking partner, a friend for our children.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me a second chance with my dog. You will never know how much you have helped me and for this I am forever grateful.
~ Teri Karsen

How It Works

You will receive NEW Lessons Every Day for 14 Days showing you step-by-step exactly how the professionals at Taming the Wild get it done. The lessons are yours to keep and you'll be able to refer back to them whenever you want. If you miss a lesson or are too busy to get to it that day, they conveniently remain in your membership area.

You will learn the exact strategies to get your dog to:

Come To You When You Call

Walk Calmly on Leash Beside You

Stay in Place When Friends and Family Visit

Greet Other Dogs and People with Manners

A Sneak Peak

You'll learn what equipment is necessary for proper training (not all training equipment is created equal...)

​DAY 3, You'll learn how to walk (heel) your dog with a loose leash draped over your pinky finger (not kidding...)

​DAY 6, You'll learn how to teach your dog to come to you reliably (that means EVERY time)...

​DAY 9, You'll learn how to create an "OFF" switch in your dog (we are talking about the DOWN command, woohoo!!)...

​DAY 11, You'll learn how to create a solid stay/place behavior (our clients call it MAGICAL!)...


We have helped hundreds of dog owners change their relationship with their dog through our 14-Day Challenge. Now, it's your turn!
What’s included:

* ​2 eBooks (including Bryan's best-selling 
 book "Embracing the Wild in Your Dog"...)
* Over 40 training tutorials...
*​ Exclusive Facebook group access to Taming​ the Wild training professionals...

​* LIFETIME ACCESS to all the content in the challenge...

Join thousands of other dog owners who have transformed their life with their dog

Taming the Wild is the ONLY dog training program in the US 
with over 600 FIVE STAR REVIEWS!

Meet the Expert

Meet Bryan Bailey, Your Guide For The Taming the Wild 14-Day Basic Obedience Challenge.

  • One of the world's leading animal behaviorists whose advice and services are sought by veterinarians, psychologists, celebrities, and dog lovers worldwide 
  • Nationally-recognized, best-selling author 
  • Nationally certified Master Trainer with over 40 years of experience  
  • Dog aggression expert who advises people worldwide on the causes of dog aggression and how they can prevent from becoming a victim of it
  • Followed by over 120,000 dog lovers on social media.

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And Have A Dog You Enjoy In Only 14 Days

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Do You Have A Puppy?

ADD THE PUPPY CHALLENGE: Is your dog under the age of 16 weeks? Housebreaking, whining, using your kids or your pants leg as a chew toy… It’s enough to give you the puppy blues! Do you ever feel like your puppy just isn’t “getting it?” (There’s a reason for that!) Did you know that young puppies require very different training than older dogs? Puppies under the age of 16 weeks are more "wolf-like" than they will ever be and their behaviors are governed by instincts from their wolf heritage. With the Taming the Wild - Start Right! End Right! Puppy Training Challenge you will learn how to help your puppy adapt to the world of humans. You will also get the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure you and your puppy are on the path to a happy relationship together. This incredible puppy challenge is only a single payment of $17. Don’t miss this critical learning opportunity in your puppy’s life. It never comes around again!

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Success Stories

Before I took the Challenge, I felt defeated, hopeless, and overwhelmed with my beautiful 7 mth GSD X Malinios. Apri, got kicked out of doggie daycare, he was nipping, jumping, out of control. Talking him on walks was a disaster, pulling, jumping the full meal deal. Spent over $700 on private lessons, even a behaviorist! None of this helped and some made it worse. I was at my wits end. I failed my dog, myself & my family. Taking the Challenge has given me a better, enjoyable and fun life with Arpi. I'm a different person b/c of the guidance & tools TTW family gave me. I CAN DO THIS ON MY OWN!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me a second chance with my dog. You will never know how much you have helped me and for this I am forever grateful. If any of you make it to Canada on Vancouver Island , you will always have a place to stay and don't forget to bring your dogs!!!! Thank you once again. May you be blessed with happiness and have a great life. 
Thank you, thank you.....
~ Teri Karsen
Took the 14-day dog training challenge. I recommend this course to everybody. I am dog savvy and have always had "good dogs." However, I wanted great dogs and now I feel like I have the tools and support to make it happen. 
~ Kamichia Walls
In order to have the best quality of life for you and your dog, you should understand that 'obedience is not optional'. My 'little wolf', Kiss was a good dog before I completed the 14-Day Obedience Challenge; now I feel she is on her way to becoming a 'great' dog. Of course, training never ends, but with the knowledge gained from Taming the Wild, I am confident that I can train her. If you have an opportunity to do the 14-Day Challenge or train with Taming the Wild in general, I highly recommend it. 
~ Teri Hayslett
Can not say enough good things about the 14-Day Challenge.
~ Kimberly Smith
Thank you so much for sharing your depth of knowledge to help participants better understand and train our dogs. Incredible amount of info/resources/support offered to this online group. Lifetime availability is truly priceless. I’ll use the videos and tips over and over. ~ Lyn Horne
The videos were great. The lectures were excellent. I did not realize how much I missed when I did not attend a lecture. The background knowledge Bryan brings to training which combines his experience, educational, behavioral, and extensive understanding of a dogs ancestral genetic heritage and how that effects today is extraordinary.

Beyond Bryan however is his wife Kira, who is a wonderful partner. She’s like the glue that enables the online training to work. If you put the effort in, the time in, the investment in; you will develop a long lasting loyal relationship with your dog with a much greater depth of knowledge than you had before. 
~ Judy Sunderman
Just a few of the MANY great benefits of the Taming The Wild programs, is that they are always accessible, affordable, and there is TONS of content in online YouTube videos. I’m learning more every day! Happy Training!
~ Kandace Barnhart Patrick
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